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Our Products and Services

We are dedicated to providing essential support to a wide spectrum of startup companies, from those in the pre-revenue stage to early-stage and high-growth phases. At WebGhat, we function as an indispensable extension to founders, CEOs, VPs of Marketing & Sales, Heads of Research, IT needs through our versatile off-shore and on-shore models strategically located across different parts of India. Here's how we can assist you:

Lead Pro

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Creation:

Crafting detailed Ideal Customer Profiles lays the foundation for targeted outreach efforts, ensuring a precise focus on the right prospects.

Value Proposition:

Clearly communicate the value your product or service provides. Explain how it solves a specific problem or addresses a need for your target audience.

Email Contact Detail Research:

Our dedicated team thoroughly researches and identifies the contact details of Decision Makers (DMs), facilitating direct communication with the key individuals in your target audience.

Email and Call Script Writing:

Crafting impactful email and call scripts is pivotal in initiating engaging conversations that resonate with potential clients and decision makers.

Landing Pages:

Design dedicated landing pages that are optimized for lead capture. Keep the messaging concise, include a clear call-to-action (CTA), and use forms to collect contact information.


Follow relevant data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CAN-SPAM, to ensure that your lead generation practices are compliant with legal requirements.

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Demand Pro

Outreach Strategy Implementation:

We take a strategic approach to outreach, maximizing the effectiveness of each touchpoint and creating valuable interactions.

Email and LinkedIn Campaigns:

Utilizing both email and LinkedIn, we execute compelling campaigns that foster engagement and interaction with your target audience.

Content Creation Support:

Our services extend to supporting content creation, including developing informative datasheets and graphics that vividly illustrate your products and services.

Persistent Lead Follow-Up:

Through consistent follow-up, we ensure that leads are nurtured effectively, leading to valuable opportunities for interaction and conversion.

Demos and Meetings Scheduling:

We take charge of scheduling demos and meetings, streamlining the process and ensuring that valuable interactions are efficiently arranged.

Detailed Reporting:

Transparent reporting mechanisms offer insights into the progress of your campaigns, helping you make informed decisions and adjustments.

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Staffing Pro

Front-end, Back-end, and Full Stack Developers:

Our skilled development teams are proficient in front / back-end, & full stack development. Whether you're seeking creative interfaces and/or robust server-side functionalities.

On-shore and Off-shore Model:

We offer the flexibility of both on-shore and off-shore models, providing you with a tailored solution that optimizes resource allocation and project execution.

Product Mock-Ups for Pre-VC Pitch:

Our mock-ups visually represent your product's features, functionalities, and user experience. These mock-ups serve as compelling visual aids during your pre-VC pitch, allowing investors to envision the product's potential.

Website Design and Development:

As your business evolves, we ensure that your corporate website remains in sync with your current positioning, making continuous design and development tweaks as needed.

Dedicated Research Analysts:

We provide skilled research analysts who are committed to delivering insightful and accurate research, enabling informed decision-making.

General Designers:

From web design to corporate branding, our general designers possess the skills to create visually cohesive and appealing assets that align with your business identity.

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Sales Pro

Diagnosis and Assessment:

Begin by thoroughly understanding the client's current sales processes, challenges, goals, and pain points through in-depth assessments and interviews.

Pipeline Management:

Assist in creating a systematic approach to managing the sales pipeline, ensuring consistent progress and timely follow-up.

Sales Compensation Planning:

Crafting effective sales compensation plans is critical for motivating and retaining your sales team. Our expertise lies in designing compensation structures that align with your business goals and drive desired performance.

Value Proposition Email Scripts:

Our expertise lies in creating email scripts that resonate with your target audience, sparking interest and engagement.

Sales Tools and Technology:

Advise on the selection and implementation of sales technologies, tools, and automation solutions that boost efficiency and effectiveness.

Objection Handling:

Offer strategies for addressing common objections and concerns that prospects may have during the sales process.

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tammy Dain

Featured testimonial

"Exceptional Partnership with WebGhat Inc."

WebGhat's impact on Rabble Recruiting has been nothing short of transformative. What began as a website development project evolved seamlessly into a holistic collaboration spanning content creation, logo design, and a broader engagement for EA services. Their outstanding work quality, rapid turnarounds, and disciplined approach to driving key sales and marketing metrics have consistently surpassed our expectations.

Going beyond expectations, WebGhat has now taken on the responsibility for our entire demand generation and marketing services, showcasing phenomenal precision in execution. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has been a driving force in propelling Rabble Recruiting forward. We value their dedication, creativity, and the positive influence they've brought to our business.

Tammy Dain

CEO and Co founder - Rabble Recruiting

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Liv Anderman

Featured testimonial

"I can't recommend WebGhat enough! Within two weeks of working with them, they booked 6 meetings with our target buyer and the momentum only continued from there. We're only three days into this week and we have 3 meetings on the calendar already. The team is great to work with and I'm excited for the ongoing partnership. Thank you, WebGhat!"

Liv Anderman

VP of Marketing - Findem Inc

Findem Logo
Avik Pal

Featured testimonial

"Exceptional Website Partnership with WebGhat Inc."

“WebGhat Inc. surpassed our expectations in website design and development, showcasing a deep understanding of our brand and a collaborative approach. They welcomed our input, integrated our ideas, and consistently demonstrated professionalism and on-time delivery. We highly recommend Web Profor their creative and technical excellence.
Additionally, we utilized their Demand Pro services to bolster our sales and lead funnel. Through WebGhat's outreach and targeted efforts, we gained access to strategic decision-makers at Fortune 500 companies. We appreciate their dedicated partnership”.

Avik Pal

Founder and CEO - CliniOps

CliniOps Logo
Steve Patina

Featured testimonial

“WebGhat Inc.: Transforming Our Data Analysis with Precision and Insight”

“Our partnership with WebGhat Inc. for proxy data analysis has been transformative. We use their StaffingPro program, contracting their research analysts to handle extensive data with 99.9% accuracy. StaffingPro is invaluable, consistently turning data into strategic advantages, revolutionizing our analysis in today's data-driven era.”

Steve Pantina

Founder and CEO - Proxy-Analytics

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