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Why do organizations outsource their Lead Generation efforts to WebGhat

  • Speed to Market

  • Lack of Management Experience or Expertise

  • Lack of Ongoing Sales Training

  • Limited Sales Culture

  • Pipeline Predictability

Email Data Representatives

EDRs channelize their attention toward outbound lead-gen and qualification methods; on the other hand, EDRs stay committed to generating inbound leads.

As EDRs, salespeople will spend time finding out qualified marketing leads. Once the qualification process is over, EDRs convert cold leads into warm ones and then pass the lead details to sales. That is, EDRs usually have to do a lot of grunt work to receive a response.

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What we do?

  • We use email scrapping and parsing technology to collect data on the target audience, company, and executive. We then create a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers in collaboration with their needs and requirements.

  • We design between 5 and 30 business email templates through AB testing on the prospect list. We continually update this list and our knowledge base to improve our EDRs' interactions with the prospects.

How it works?

  • All emails received are scanned and sent to one of our well-trained agents, who will provide clear, consistent & complete answers to increase customer satisfaction & reduce follow-ups.

  • Our database of standard responses to frequently asked questions ensures that the EDRs have access to quick and standardized answers.

  • The online knowledge base can also be used to provide immediate, personalized responses to a prospect's queries.

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