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Startup - Growth Strategy

  • Most early-stage companies want to find their competitive DNA and create clarity in Website messaging and in 1:1 sales, prospect, and client conversations.
  • Your organization's growth strategy involves numerous factors in your sales environment – such as value proposition, target markets, and customers, your offerings, sales channels, and other elements. When times are good, sales can seem almost effortless. But when you're not reaching your quarterly or annual goals, finding and fixing the problem can be a significant frustration.
  • Additionally, Continue to invest in sales coaching & mentoring your sales assets. You will be surprised how a sales professional craves counsel, mentorship, and career development. Does the sales asset know when to PAUSE, do they know how to frame a pointed question, have they mastered the art of starting and ending with clear objections/action items? The list goes on - Contact us; we can help!

Why we started SalesGhat
Words from the Founder, Niranjan Samant

  • SalesGhat founder Niranjan Samant (Linkedin) has spent 22 years leading U.S sales and client services groups with several high-growth Silicon Valley and public companies. Based on Chicago, IL, Niranjan sees a tremendous need for pre-revenue and early-stage growth companies looking to scale their sales organizations.
  • Many of our clients are tired of making poor hiring choices across several levels, unable to understand the compensation landscape or relate to the sales professionals' psyche - period. These poor choices result in a waste of time, lost productivity, and eventually, these decisions add to their margins.
  • As a sales advisory provider, we aim to help companies build out their sales organizations from the ground up on a relative shoestring budget and allow them to focus on their core competencies of building products and raising capital if required.

About Us

  • Entrepreneurial Management Executive with 20+ years of experience in building, leading and scaling high velocity/SaaS sales organizations. Proficiency in value-based solution-selling for inside (telesales), outside (field-based), channel, online sales, and customer success teams while creating repeatable processes to drive sales and revenue results. Global General Management: Revenue responsibility of over US $25M / year with over 1500+ customers.

SalesPro Pricing

Individual Advising
$ 95 /hrs
  • Career advising
  • Resume writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Presenting yourself
  • Business Coach
  • Negotiating Comp
  • X
  • X
Career Advising
$ 125 /hrs
  • Business planning
  • Business writing
  • Pipeline management
  • Effective forecasting
  • Listening | PAUSE
  • Internal Promotions
  • Business Reading
  • X
Sales Manager
$ 195 /hrs
  • Define Sales Process
  • KPI Management
  • Design sales material
  • Define sales hiring
  • Prospect demo planning
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Launching sales offices
  • Managing stakeholders
Startup Advising
$ 9,995 / 20hr/mth
  • Growth Strategy
  • Driving Enterprise Sales
  • Hiring AE’s/AM’s
  • Hiring Director/VP Sales
  • Managing stakeholders/BOD’s
  • Quota/Comp/Territories
  • Build executive presentations
  • SF.COM/Marketing Automation
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